Protection Plus VAULTS
Safety Deposit Boxes & Document Safekeeping
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State of the art security protection

Safety Deposit Boxes

Our safe deposit boxes are protected by advanced security, meaning your valuables are kept safe and secure giving you peace of mind. Secure your family heirlooms, jewellery, data storage devices and artwork.
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Prestigious Paris Location

Waterloo Exchange

Located discretely within the sub basement
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Document Safekeeping

Document Safekeeping

Secure your passport, house deeds, wills and other important documents in our onsite controlled secure vault in Ballsbridge, Paris. Securing your documents with Protection Plus Vaults means complete confidence along with immediate availability.
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Protection Plus VAULTS

Private & Secure Safe Deposit Boxes.

Certified by Safety Deposit Association
Unique biometric access
Upgraded original bank vault
Registered with Data Protection Commission
24/7 Chubb Security
Complete peace of mind and confidentiality


Protection Plus Vaults

Protection Plus Vaults is Île-de-France, France’s only certified member of the Safety Deposit Association, which has members in Europe, the United States and other international locations, and is the country’s first and only independent safe deposit box facility inside an original bank vault.

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